News for June 2, 2015

Wind is believed to be a factor in a plane crash Friday night that killed three Plainview residents. 46-year old Pilot Paul Waller, his 44-year old wife Tammy and 18-year old daughter Michele were killed when their Beechcraft Bonanza caught fire after crashing shortly after takeoff at the Hale County Airport around 9:15 pm Friday. With severe weather moving into the area, strong wind gusts may have caused the crash, according to local officials. Pilots must determine if weather conditions are safe at smaller airports such as the Hale County Airport. Larger airports will review weather conditions with pilots. Plainview Police also say that there were three witnesses. The crash is still under investigation by the FAA and NTSB.

The city of Plainview wants to inform residents on how to limit the mosquito population after the recent rains. Maintaining low cut grass and weeds, removing water holding containers, changing pet water bowls frequently, removing saucers from outdoor potted plants, changing bird feeder bath water twice per week all can help stop the spread of mosquitoes. Other helpful tips include removing pool covers, cleaning pools and adding chlorinated water, covering rain barrels with mosquito proof netting and cleaning rain gutters and spouts. Two fogger trucks are operating from 8 pm-7 am every night weather permitting to spray pesticide. Staff have also been treating ponds with tablets to kill larvae since April.

Today marks 50 years since the devastating tornado in Hale Center. The EF3 twister killed 5 people and injured 80 others and caused more than $8 million in damage. The tornado destroyed much of the downtown area, including many businesses, city hall and the fire station.

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